The Infringement of God's Plan

by Sanction

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released August 8, 2017

Recorded and Mixed by Evan Perino
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Studios
Artwork by Mike, fuck you
Additional vocals on "Sixhundredthirtyone" by Anthony DiDio


all rights reserved



Sanction New York

Long Island NY

David - Vocals
Mike - Guitar
Lumpy - Guitar
LaGrega - Bass
Lil D - Drums

Friday 5/25 - Waterford NY @ Chrome w/ Bloodlet and Year Of The Knife

Saturday 5/26 - Ottawa ON @ Makerspace North w/ Sect

Sunday 5/27 - Montreal QC @ Foufounes Electriques w/ Integrity, Xibalba, Bloodlet, Chokehold and Sect

6/6/18 - 6/13/18 w/ First Blood, Walls of Jericho and Left Behind
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Track Name: (1)The Prophet Who Saw Fire
How much longer will I witness injustice
Forced to watch the wicked triumph
The defeat in hopelessness

As justice perverts itself
Every ounce of suffering
Writhing like a sickness
The blackened sky falls before man

Too pure to see the evil
Betrayed every unwavered soul

Why is there silence when hope burns
When will judgement take us and put an end to apathy
The plague will come
For the revelation awaits
The fury will see the end of all

In wrath remember humanity
Track Name: (2)Sixhundredthirtyone
Your eyes stare back as I dream of death
They call to speak your name
It's just wasted
Your eyes stare back as I dream of death
They call to speak your name
It's just wasted breath

When your lungs empty and nothing escapes your lips
The heart grows cold and ill finally sleep
The thought torments me
How empty I feel
Seeing you alive
Seeing you alive

I raise the knife guided slow towards your light

How many times will I turn
What more can I think?

I've felt every mistake
I've seen every catastrophe
How many times must I say
How many times must I say it

You've died in my eyes
Hoping for an end
The end

Your eyes stare back as I dream of death
They call to speak your name
It's just wasted breath
Track Name: (3)Fixated Upon a Figure
Your figure's gaze
Reflection's burn
Lips sewn silent
Sewn tightly shut
Your figure's gaze
My shadow's scorn
Rip at the pieces
Feeding the cut

Spreading the wound
Forget the pain

Your figure's gaze
Burning with passion
Reaching the end
Screaming for more

Spreading the wound
Screaming for more

Fixated upon a figure
Track Name: (4)Untitled
I am not the lotus torn by the void's eye
The astral eye will dance the dirge of dawn
It will be the darkest bright
Wilt wither in its name
The node of all

The wilt of man is not the wilt that is mine
Through the tide under the skin bleed me dry
Track Name: (5)The Infringement of God's Plan
Torn flat pages
Encased in a dark binded blanket
Blood stained hand prints
Inscription of the bleeding eyes
That decay as they write
The scratched sonnets
Of scripted crucifixion
And self mutilation

Crimson words blurred
From the tears that fall as the hopeless ramblings are indicted
Into the bland white pages

Into the dull darkness
As the light slips away

Torn flat pages
Encased in a dark binded blanket
The scratched sonnets
Of scripted crucification

I reign my realm with the coldest of intention
I show no mercy
No mercy to those who beg

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